• cost effective

    Careful cleaning and handling ensures trouble-free multiple use.

  • easy installation

    No tools are needed neither for the installation nor for opening the trap to clean it.

  • adapter

    Easy installation and suitable for different bee hive sizes

  • special locking mechanism

    The beetle can enter the trap easily through the patented lock but leaving it is virtually impossible.

  • no harmful substances

    This trap operates without poison, adhesive strips and without oil.

  • perfect size

    The chosen trap size makes it suitable for common bee hives.


Bee Hive Solutions GmbH has the vision to develop chemical-free, mechanical traps for worldwide usage to attack bee pests effectively. As a first step we launched a trap against the “Small Hive Beetle” which, unlike other present pest control strategies, prevents the vermin from entering the bee hive and is completely free of chemicals. The specially designed adaptor makes the trap suitable for all sizes and varieties of beehives worldwide.


BEE Solutions GmbH